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Thread: Ordering and importing from Stowa Germany

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    Ordering and importing from Stowa Germany

    Does anyone have any experience with ordering and importing a Stowa Flieger into Canada?
    Alternatively, are there any Canadian AD or secondhand shop that carry Stowa at all?

    I've done my research and am interested in getting a Stowa Flieger Klassic. I could be happy with a pre-owned one if I could find one. But I also like the idea of the custom order that Stowa offers.

    Any thoughts on Customs issues? If read a very old post (2008?) about having to have a Customs Broker, which seems ridiculous.

    Anyone ordered straight from Stowa before? Recently?

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    I ordered one maybe a year or two ago.

    Just order from their website and expect to pay import taxes + shipping company broker fees.

    Stowa will ship via DHL or FedEx. It'll probably arrive within 5 business days if not less.

    Happy shopping
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    Thanks! I guess it's unavoidable :-)

    I should have followed up and posted that I ended up buying one from a CWC member. A Stowa Flieger Klassic Sport (logo). I'm pretty happy with it, plus avoided the customs fees. Yay!

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    My Stowa experience was top notch. Zero issues.

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