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Thread: What would you pay to fly Mach 2 again ?

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    Really ?

    I print my BP at home, go thru the Nexus/priority security line, and then enter the lounge and relax.

    About 15 minutes max.

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    I had the chance to see both the SST and the Concorde on the tarmac at Orly airport circa 1973.

    I was intrigued to say the least! Never got to fly in one, although I know people who have.

    I was on my way to Long Island quite a number of years ago, and I was driving on the Belt Parkway just short of JFK airport. There is a small stretch of the highway that is parallel to the east/west runway... and if you approach at the exact correct timing of a plane landing towards you, you can feel like the plane is about to land on you (thankfully an illusion), and on top of that the approach is so low that is has the effect of making the aircraft seem larger than they are. As luck would have it an SST graced my point of view as it landed and I was blown away. Ever notice how the moon seems bigger when it is low on the horizon... well the same effect happened with the SST making it unforgettable.
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