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Thread: You gotta love H.Moser....

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    So if "Moser earnestly intended this watch as both a tribute to great brands and a critique of those whose strategy is all about empty marketing" what parts of the watch were intended as a tribute and what parts were a critique? By using a Patek dial were they paying tribute to Patek or critiquing them for being an empty marketing company?

    I think if you have to start to explain your satire you've missed the mark.

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    I reckon all the weight of the icons from the industry was just too heavy to bare for Moser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mjaber View Post
    I don’t have access to Moser’s legal counsel but I do have access to Hodinkee :

    Regarding the impact of their stunt, our opinions differ and that’s ok! I just don’t think Moser has any horological weight or significance to make any change. Now if FP,Rogers Smith or Dufour make any criticism- and they do, a lot- the industry listens.
    Please read the statements on that link again - no where did it say they were not threatened with legal action - only that no legal action had been filed against them. There's a big difference between threatening to file and filing.

    It would not surprise me one bit that one or multiple brands being skewered by this watch threatened to file, and in my opinion number one on the list would be Rolex. They are already a well known bully in the watch world, so I'm quite sure they would not let this slide.

    The fact that this was pulled so quickly tells me the brands want to squash this message as quickly as possible - in other words Moser hit the nail on the head.

    I think you are right that most consumers won't notice or care, and will keep buying the same old same old that the brands pump out year after year, decade after decade. The consumer has been well trained to accept what they are fed.

    Cheers, Al

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