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Thread: Do you guys have any collecting rules??

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    - I will only buy watches that I'll want to keep for life
    - I will buy only one more Rolex but a spectacular one
    - That's the rules for now

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    I can't make rules for myself. I know they are just arbitrary whims that I made up for whatever reason at the time.

    I try to balance my vintage collection with my new collection. My vintage collection is brand specific so I try to add variety and quality to my new collection.
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    Simple rule for me...

    No redundancies (unless I have a deeper passion for divers for example) and I buy watches that I can wear for their purpose (GMT for traveling for example).

    Diversified watches (not necessarily by brand) but more so for the occasion.

    So based on my current collection, still missing a dress watch (first world problems).

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