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Thread: Report from the Caribbean

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    Report from the Caribbean

    My wife and I indulged ourselves with a 10 night cruise in the eastern Caribbean over the holiday. This was on a small ship with 450 passengers and a relatively well-healed crowd. Every second wrist had a Rolex on it with a smattering of Paneraiís and others. I got into numerous watch discussions. On a snorkeling excursion one day there was a guy wearing a Rolex 116713LN and his wife with a Rolex as well; me with my G-Shock. I asked him about his comfort level with this activity and these watches. He told me he did it all the time. There was a woman who was in the bar every night (heavy drinker) and she had 2 Rolexes and did not know how to set the dates. On successive nights, I took the time to set them and explain the correct process. I doubt any of it stuck with her. Wow!!!
    The ship had a small watch/jewellry boutique. The manager was pushing a watch brand I had not heard of before; Cuervo y Sobrinos and it has an interesting history behind it (l/u website for details). It was relaunched in 2013. There was one model at about US$3,500 that I was admiring and I sat down with him for a discussion. I asked about the movement. He insisted that it was in-house manufacture but at that price I was skeptical. We dug around through the online catalogue and found that these watches used a variety of ETA, Valjoux and Sellita base movements. He didnít understand how this worked which resulted in a long dialogue. Wow!!!
    The ship docked in Charlotte Amalie, USVI for a day and we shopped around the mall just outside the cruise terminal. It was easy to walk into the shops but impossible to leave without discounts being offered up on anything we showed an interest in. We dumped some cash on a ring for my wife and a Seiko Samurai for me for what we thought were pretty good prices (ring price multiples above the watch price). The manager told me that the mall had been closed for 2 1/2 months during the hurricane season and that they had reopened in early Dec and they were desperate for business. The number of cruise cancellations due to the storm season was really hurting them. Wow!!!
    If you are headed that way and are looking for a specific piece and know your price point, I think there are some deals to be had.
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your recent cruise. I enjoyed your report.

    I always get a kick out of the random jewellery stores in isolated locations that seem to exist solely by selling to cruise ship passengers. I've seen some pretty nice pieces in Alaska of all places.

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    We took a family cruise a few years ago, 14 of us in all. I don't recall all the ports we stopped at, but I do remember St. Thomas, USVI. They had a cool Hublot store and some larger jewelry stores. There were some great deals if you went off the main shopping area and into some of the smaller stores. I kind of regret not buying an Omega Planet Ocean as it was the best price I have ever seen on one, to this day. It would have been too expensive for me in all honesty, but i wanted it so bad. There were deals to be had, no doubt, especially since our dollar was stronger at the time. If I were to go back, I'd probably get into some heavy debt.

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