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Thread: Reflections on Rolex

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimeCaptain View Post
    I take back everything I said.
    Iím at an event.
    Everyone is wearing a Rolex.
    Itís sickening!

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    To be honest, one of the reasons I bought a PO as my first watch was because I didn't understand the real obsession with Rolex beyond the brand name. This was the days of the 5 digit sub and in hand, brand name aside, I just felt that the PO felt like the more solid watch - mostly because of the bracelet and clasp. I also found the non-maxi dial a bit bland. Now that I have the new 116610LN, it does feel/look like a much higher quality watch (IMHO).

    That said, I still find a lot of the justifications for Rolex a bit amusing - reliability, fit/finish, value, rarity, etc. Don't get me wrong, they do make a quality product, but I wouldn't say they're any more reliable than many of the major brands. Fit/finish I would say that of all the Rolexes I've had are similar to Omega/Panerai/etc. Value I'd say they're close to the bottom because you can get a similar competing non-Rolex for a fraction of the price and rarity, well they're mass produced. Rare watches I would say are the likes of some PP's, etc. - a sub date is by no means a rare watch.

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    I also don't understand the Rolex obsession, my second purchase was an Aqua Terra with a blue face that I took after having tried both the DateJust and the Milgauss, I actually left the house planning to get the DJ, so its not like I'm a Rolex hater, but the AT looked and felt better.

    Of course now I'm thinking of trading up my AT to a Grand Seiko and I'm sad that its lost half its value, but there you go... And if a Daytona fell in my lap I wouldn't throw it away, but neither would I join a 3 year waiting list or pay over MRSP when I could go out tomorrow and buy an El Primero.

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    For what it's worth if anyone is hunting for good rolex bargains Bob's watches in the U.S. is always worth a look. He specializes in used Rolex and generally has fabulous stock at fair prices. Personally I say it's best to go with the precious metal models, reason being, they're always the safest bet value-wise, and the pre '2000 models are pretty much a lock in terms of price so you can buy one, wear it for a year, if you get sick of it sell it for what you bought it for. Never a bad deal really if you want the 'lex experience.
    Trying to stop buying Seiko's every day! If you have a Seiko SNA413 - please sell it to me :-)

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