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Thread: Welcome To The Canadian Watch Collector Forums.

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    Welcome To The Canadian Watch Collector Forums.

    The grand purpose of the Canadian Watch Collector (CWC) website, and its forums, is to provide a home base for Canadian watch collectors. Most Canadians who are interested in buying, selling or trading their watches would prefer to do these transactions within their own borders. It is often difficult to find other Canadians with similar interests on the large international forums.

    Every country has its own unique set of rules regarding the importation of fine watches. Here you can share your experience with others, or find new friends and trading partners who are confronted routinely with the same issues as you.

    The Canadian Watch Collector website invites you to participate and contribute to our community. Tell us about your experience. Warn us about problem traders. In short, add CWC to your list of resources that you consult when you are looking to buy, sell or trade, or simply when you want to chat with others.

    The Canadian Watch Collector Forum is a private forum open exclusively to Canadian members. All new members are moderated before they are allowed to participate. Please have patience with the process.
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