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Thread: Make Buy Sell Trade visible to public

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    Quote Originally Posted by canwatchco View Post
    I should clarify a few things. First off, when the forum was first started, its sole mission was to promote inter-Canada trading. I started with different software that was so leaky that I spent half my days fending off onslaughts of scammers from all around the world, and there were only a few hundred legitimate members using the site. When I migrated to vbulletin I did so because it gave me the ability to "hide" the sales content from undesirables, and hence free up my time from having to swat away these members that had no business being on CWC. I then installed a human verification system with a question that every Canadian watch collector could answer, and that outsiders couldn't. It also prevented bots from registering bogus accounts. That still left the door open to Canadian scammers (yup, we have some... and apparently many international forums claimed that we were a country full of them!), so along the way I had to add a moderation level for new members to pass through before getting in. I physically inspect each new member in various ways using various tools at my disposal before they are let in. Scammers being scammers, they still find a way sometimes, so my security job doesn't end there... believe me. There are many more people attempting to rob you (us) of our watches than you may think. It is not just one unrelenting group... sadly.

    It calmed down for a while (thought they had given up), so I removed the moderation level. At one point I polled the community to see if they wanted to be public and start allowing members from outside Canada (on our terms!) and I received a decisive no! But the Canadian scammers came back and now moderation is permanent.

    As for our sales threads being viewed, the irony is that the average watch gets FAR MORE page views on its first day of listing on CWC than it does on the international forums, so I don't think you are losing as much exposure as you think. I always suggest that if you want the world as your buying target that you list on an international forum as well.

    Put up a sub and you may get as many as 400 DIFFERENT members viewing that watch its first day!. And, the best part is that each and every one of those viewers is a real potential trading partner right here in Canada!!! And we all know how much simpler that makes our lives.

    As many have noted, it is all about security. This site has grown into both a great trading platform AND a great discussion platform. It is something we can all be proud of.
    Thanks for taking the time to reply with something other than "there's the door". I'm quite happy to have found this site. But frankly disappointed by some attitudes from others on this topic. I would have a hard time believing they speak for the entire community.

    I understand the administrative and security burden you are experiencing. I build and maintain secure applications (like this forum) to scale/support millions of users both in the public/private sector.
    Having solved some of the problems you speak of, gives me a different perspective: There are absolutely ways to open the sales section safely, and get the benefits that come with that growth. Such as new active members.

    When someone says "it'll increase the number of scammers", they are flat out ignoring all of the positive benefits such as new active members. Sure you may get 1 more scammer, but what about the new 100 active members?
    Perhaps that ratio meets or exceeds the acceptable industry norms. If we need a true "health-check" of the community, we have to use the appropriate metrics to get a baseline, and compare against industry norms... otherwise it's just a witch hunt.

    If you are open to the idea, I'd prefer this be a discussion to be about how this could happen in a secure and scalable way. So if anyone else is going to reply, please do so with constructive input. Otherwise, please feel free to close the thread.

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    this forum isn’t about being a 50000 member and growing....
    it’s small apples, growing - and personalized which keeps things safe and LESS WORK.

    props for offering a solution only a few people have asked for tho.
    it’s been beaten to death. If you want scores of members who don’t contribute ..... lots of other venues out there.

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    Just leave it as is please. If it is not broken, don't fix it.
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    Even in its current form this site has had people who misrepresent the condition of watches, sell watches the turned out to he stolen only to claim he "didn't know" and refuse to refund the buyer his money. Why invite a whole new group of anonymous scammers on to the site? At least now there is a means to leave negative feed back when some creep stiffs you on a deal and the rest of us know who to avoid like the plague.

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    For me, a big part of the charm of CWC is that it is niche.

    Here's the thing, you've asked the question and of the members here that answered your question, it was a resounding, "no." I know that's not the answer you wanted. I know you have all this expertise. Now please recognize that the small community of Canadians is happy being just that. Many - maybe even most - here are members of the other big forms as well so listing there is already an option.

    Right or wrong, this community should not have to bend to your singular desire.

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    As most others have said I prefer to have the sales forums kept as private. Do I have a strong rationale for that? Not really, but it is my preference.

    And we are all guests here by the grace of Bobby having created and maintaining such a wonderful site, so more to the point if the feels this is best then I'm not really going to disagree, nor do I feel it is my place to do so.

    To go off on a bit of a tangent, this is one of the most welcoming and friendly forums I have ever joined. I enjoy the smaller scale and the fact I can pretty much recognize everyone here. I like the fact that you don't need to have 10,000 or 20,000 posts to be taken seriously. I like the fact that there are not dozens of new threads with hundreds of new posts to sort through every day. As was just stated above by BigFatPauli this is a niche forum and that is something I really like.

    All just my opinion.

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