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Thread: Image Hosting Recommendations!! PLEASE READ ONE AND ALL!!

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    Image Hosting Recommendations!! PLEASE READ ONE AND ALL!!

    Now that Photobucket has caved in to market pressure, users may now post third party links to other sites (such as CWC, and other fora) for as low as $4 US per month.

    While some of you found alternate ways after the photobucket crisis, others have switched to using attachments instead. While the database can grow now unimpeded, it can do so only within the limitations of the software (vbulletin). Since no one likes to make radical changes to a forum (read watch fora...) it is probably best to stay with our current version.

    I personally prefer using third party hosting as the photos are available in larger format than the attachment function and sizing is done automatically. I will continue to go that route. If $48 US per year is more than you wish to spend on your hobbies, that is fine, just note the limitations. If $48 US is within your budget I recommend going that way... will be easier on the speed and weight of the site. If you sign up and need a tutorial on the best way to set up the account for forum photo posting let me know. If enough write in, we can set up a tutorial thread. It is really quite easy.
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    I have been using imgur, although that has had its limitations as well.
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    Thanks for the heads up on this. I will stop posting images. Keep it strictly to discussions. I will try to do my part to reduce the clutter and keep the speed up!

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    I don't understand why people use Photobucket. Imgur is better by far.

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