Listing your watch for sale on CWC can be a real pain in the butt.... so many rules. So many new rules. But it didn't used to be that way!.... is what I hear.

Well, CWC, the real CWC... Canadian Watch Collector Forums... is a great place to buy a watch.

It is made greater because of all the rules that are in place to add integrity to the buying experience. These rules, many of them new, and many of them that actually require sellers to clean, examine, photograph and properly describe their watch, so that the buyer has no surprises or disappointments.

It is not easy to become a new seller on CWC. Any of the new sellers can attest to that. Integrity is key.

There have always been alternate places to list and sell your watch. Places that are free. Places where you can accidentally on purpose forget to mention something about your watch... places you can try to sell watches that you don't actually own... etc...

Great. If you have something to hide, use them!

As long as I have the helm, I will continue to do my best to make sure that the people that I let in are people who belong, and that the people that sell, whether Sponsors, or the general community, maintain the highest integrity that you can find anywhere in this glorious country of ours.

The watch buying community is bigger than it ever has been, and many of the newest buyers don't have a clue what a watch forum is. A watch forum is a real community of like minded people who agree or disagree with each other on every topic of import.

A watch forum can be loose and unregulated. It can earn its living selling ads... it can target the world.

The CWC community is unlike any other watch collector forum. It is private. It is regulated and policed and it narrowly targets Canadians, and Canadians only.

We have begun to make it really tough on sellers who are selling in the above $8000 category. We will make it tougher on all categories soon enough. If doing the bare minimum to create the integrity required for your listing is too much for you, then that is fine. But if you want to avail yourself of this tight knit vetted all Canadian watch trading community, you will do that bare minimum. I do, and so can you. The new standards set here will be the most rigorous of any platform out there... anywhere, not just in Canada. I know how long it takes to make a properly composed ad... barely any time at all...

Follow the rules.

This site is primarily designed for the sale and trade of used watches. Those that wish to sell new watches pay fees to the site in order to do so. If those fees are too much for you, that is fine. But if you are selling a new watch, call it what it is or don't list it here. Yes, your 5 day old watch is a new watch. Yes, your "unsized, unworn semi-stickered" watch that is two or three months old is a new watch. A used watch will have age and show clear signs of use. Period.

Just as a note of caution. Sponsor or not, BS will not be tolerated. If you know something about your watch that has a negative impact on its value and you fail to disclose it, your activities here will be suspended.

The moderators and myself spend a lot of time trying to improve the integrity of the site. Help us out. We shouldn't have to tell you the same things twice.

Let us all up our game!